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The following is a brief overview of applications I have found useful in my role as a teacher, learner, researcher, technology addict / evangelist and just simply for fun.



Good Reader - $1.19 - the app to open .doc, .pdf, .ppt files – also connect to all kinds of file servers, be they cloud-based (Google Docs, Dropbox, or MobileMe) or local (an FTP or WebDAV server)
Camera – $1.19 - connects to your iPhone Camera so you can take photos on the iPAD
Evernote – FREE – create notes, written, audio, location based to images
QuickVoice Recorder FREE - records audio
SoundNote $4.99 - type notes whilst recording audio with markers
$9.99 - BEST app for annotating onto .PDF files
Pages $9.99 - Word on the iPad
Work in the Cloud – GOOGLE DOCS..etc

Desktop_Connect - $14.99 – access you desktop computer via the iPAD
HOW – to – VIDEO
BUMP - FREE – Filesharing between you and another iPad
DropBox FREE – Filesharing between your computer and the iPad
READ MORE - Paperless Chairing of a meeting
Guide to accessing your entire computer from the iPad

Mobile Mouse – $1.99 - allows control of the computer desktop mouse and interface from the iPad
Keynote - $9.99 - ppt on the iPad
neu.notes – FREE – sketching on the iPad
iThoughts – $9.99 - Mind Mapping on the iPad

REEDER for iPAD - $4.99 – RSS aggregator using Goodle Reader account
MUJI NOTEBOOK - $4.99 – Handwriting recognition and predictive text
NoteTaker HD - $4.99 – multipage sketching and notetaking tool
Statistics Visualiser – FREE - data analysis tool for students and researchers
READ MORE The iPad as a Research Tool & RSS on the iPAD

LMS on the iPAD
MOODLE - $2.99 – Moodle LMS interface on the iPAD
BB9 - FREE - Blackboard LMS interface on the iPAD
Download app then enter “Stanford” into the Search – click Stanford University – then ignore the error and select “View Demo” to preview
KINDLE FREE - Read Kindle Books on your iPad
Alice LITE FREE -..”the cleverest Ipad book yet”
CONNECT – interface for Adobe Connect client (US Store)

Facebook – FREE - (iPhone only)
Twitter – FREE – twitter feed interface
Wordpress – FREE – post directly to you Blog

Tango Video Calls – FREE – video call over 3G and wi-fi
WhatsApp Messanger – FREE – WhatsApp messenger is a cross platform Smartphone messenger currently available for IPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia phones.
Fring – FREE – Free video / Voice / msn and chat – (iPhone only)
Viber – seamless VOIP calls (iPhone only)
Fun &
Hong Kong

OpenRice – Free - The most popular dining guide in Hong Kong helps you pick next dining place!
Omnisketch – $1.99 - Artistic Sketching for fun
Kingsoft Powerword 3.1 - $4.99 - PowerWord is a popular translation software with the highest market share in China
香港巴士小巴分享 – FREE - Hong Kong Public transport guide


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