“ShareIT” – Models and opportunities for developing communities of practice

"Communities of Practice" is a phrase coined by researchers who studied the ways in which people naturally work and play together. In essence, communities of practice are groups of people who share similar goals and interests. In pursuit of these goals and interests, they employ common practices, work with the same tools and express themselves in a common language. Through such common activity, they come to hold similar beliefs and value systems. They are peers in the execution of ‘real work'. What holds them together is a common sense of purpose and a real need to know what each other knows. One of the powers of e-learning is that it allows a large number of people with the same interests to join together in discussions and to benefit from the collective wisdom of all. Thought you were the only one with too much content and too little time? The only one who had no idea what a “Blog” is?

This seminar will be a “gathering” and informal presentation / discussion on the concept of communities of practice and various models for developing a community of practice at PolyU. Participants will have the opportunity to explore common ground and also recommendation for structures and support in on online environment will be explored.

Focus will be on:
What is a “community of practice?”
What is our “common ground?”
What online opportunities exist to support a community of practice?
Where to next?