Scholarship of Teaching

‘The improvement of learning and teaching is dependent upon the development of scholarship and research in teaching’
(Prosser and Trigwell, 1999: 8)

‘Higher education will benefit if those who teach enquire into the effects of their activities on their students’ learning’
(Ramsden, 1992: 5)

This seminar will allow participants to explore, discover and discuss -
"What is the Scholarship of Teaching”?
The nature of research and scholarship globally and within the Hong Kong context
Some Strategies to Support Pedagogic Research & Scholarship and benefits for you and your classroom

A case based approach will be used to enable participants to unpack the concepts indicated above within a higher education context

Ramsden, P. 1992: Learning to teach in higher education. London: Routledge.
Prosser, M. and Trigwell, K. 1999: Understanding learning and teaching: the experience of higher education. Buckingham: Society for Research into Higher Education and Open University Press.